Future projects

This is our forward diary for major projects, some of them are available, if they peak your interest contact us.

1970 MG Midget

Chrome  bumper Midget. This car has a new heritage shell, it is painted in blue and has flared arches formed from the body, subtle and leaded.

This car  has been the subject of many pipe dreams, there was a Radical Hyabusa engine for it which we got too good an offer for, thoughts then turned to an MX5 then a  “Red Top” and on to an S200 we’ve got some suspension ideas too. Alternatively she could become a Sprite like these in the Weslake Cup at Goodwood 75th MM

1947 Chevrolet Coupe

This is a good, strong rust free car, it has been modified as a hot rod; lowered and sporting a Mustang front clip. This car could be anything, it would make a great endurance rally car or could be refined in it’s current guise, or indeed anything in between.

VW Beetle Cabriolet (commissioned)

This is a happening project that will be featuring on the blog as well as FacebookInstagram, Drive Tribe and Twitter.

Ford Model A Speedster (Commissioned)

Looking forward to this one, all louvres and wheeling!

Sebring Healey  (Commissioned)

The prototype and show car, in need of a full rebuild.

1928 Mathis (personal project)

I have an plan to turn this into an Edwardian racer with a Curtis OX5 engine, or maybe I’ll be a bit more adventurous and build a V twin from a bits scavenged from a radial engine, watch this space.

1952 Land Rover series 1 hybrid (personal project)

My old competition machine, built 30 years ago, lots of fun was had in trials, comp safaris and hill climbs. She was abandoned in favour of children. Resurrection is long overdue.