Rally support

Aston DB2
Beautiful day, perfect for a breakdown!

As well as preparing cars for rallies, we also have a Land Rover 130 mobile workshop support vehicles for rallies and tours. This vehicle is prepared to a very high standard and equipped to support participants as well as their vehicles.

With this truck you can: weld, braze, solder, cut, grind, drill, take most things apart and reassemble, supply 240 volts, jump start, charge batteries, winch recover, set up a covered and lit workshop and listen to groovy tunes.

Services available:

  • Monitoring of tracking devices either for all or key members of the event.
  • Awnings, lighting, air and power to provide sheltered workshop facilities on the road.
  • Lots of useful materials and generic spares that combined with experience, some imagination and lateral thought should fix most things. along with tools and repair equipment.
  • Mobile power – a powerful inverter that can supply 240 volts AC to power tools, computer equipment, promotional arch, etc. or just to charge flat camera batteries and phones.
  • Stow away trailer, this is a two wheeled trailer that will recover a broken down car or indeed a cold and fed up crew who have simply had enough of a day that’s gone on too long.
  • Independently heated crew cab with air conditioning providing shelter from the elements.
  • Fresh hot and cold drinks; coffee, tea, water etc.


“Flossie” (the clue is in the number plate) is available to hire with crews tailored to your needs, depending on the event in question we can provide:

Charles McGowan

Charles AKA “Charlie” has extensive experience supporting rallies all over the world. From Alaska to Mongolia through the Atacama desert and in far away places such as Bhutan, Burma and Bolivia Charles has supported fourteen rallies all over the world, he like nothing better than a challenge that leads to a great fix against all odds and hates loosing cars, priding himself on getting them all home most of the time. At home in his Northumberland workshop he prepares and builds cars for rallies and tours he and Dee also run Southlands Farm Cottages


Dee is Charles’ better half, she accompanies him on some events, her uncanny skills with a camera from a moving Land Rover as well as people shots can be seen here which she can then share on social media. She is also a useful organisational asset who can deal with the sweep end of the rally making sure that places are left tidy and bills are all paid. On top of that she brings her humour and legendary rally cake.

Hector McGowan

Hector’s age belies his impressive experience, he completed the Mongol Rally in 2010 in a 20 year old Ford Transit ambulance which he was able to deliver intact to a hospital in Ulaanbaatar. The following year he took a Reliant Robin to the Black Sea and back, both of these trips were completed with little more backup than a rusty penknife and a bit of nouse. He also prepared three other cars for the Mongol Rally, one for the 2010 event and two for the following year all of which succeeded. He then studied performance engineering at Oxford Brooks after which he was able to join the Rally Round supporting the Thunder Dragon rally in Bhutan in 2015. Having worked with Jack Amies building pre war cars while at university, and taken a year out to work with RGN Motorsport running Nissans in GP3

Simon Clooney

Simon lives in the Lake District where he turns his hand to a number of jobs: as a First Aid Training provider specialising in first aid for people working in remote environments, as an Outdoor Education and Adventure Instructor and building and inspecting ‘High Ropes’ challenge courses and climbing walls.
Previously he worked as a race mechanic in British Touring Cars with Andy Rouse and BBW Motorsport and as a Formula One engine builder with John Judd’s Engine Developments.
Recently he have re-acquainted himself with the spanners working on Historic Car Rallies through Europe and India/Bhutan.
His work regularly takes him to South and South East Asia, the Middle East and throughout Europe, including leading treks in remote places and helping to develop simple procedures to deal with a range of risks associated with adventurous travel.
He is a very hard worker, confident among clients and a natural problem solver.